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Definition--Laws of Exponents

The definition of the term "Laws of Exponents."

Interactive Math Game--DragNDrop Math--Evaluating Quadratic Functions

In this drag-and-drop game, match f(x) with f(a) for a given value of a. This game generates thousands of different equation combinations, offering an ideal opportunity for skill review in a game format. Note: The download is the Teacher's Guide.

MATH EXAMPLES--Laws of Exponents

The complete set of 24 examples that make up this set of tutorials. NOTE: The download is a PPT file.

Video Transcript: Integers: Integers and Exponents

This is the transcript that goes with the video segment entitled Video: Integers: Integers and Exponents.

To access the corresponding Video Tutorial, click here:

Video Tutorial: Integers: Integers and Exponents

Video Tutorial: Integers: Integers and Exponents. In this video, students explore the use of integers as exponents with different expressions.

A Video Transcript is available for this tutorial: