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Video Transcript: Algebra Nspirations: Quadratic Functions, Part 2

This is the transcript for the video of same title. Video contents: In this Investigation we use a quadratic model to explore the path of a rocket into space.

This transcript corresponds to Segments 3 and 4 of Algebra Nspirations: Quadratic Functions. To view those videos click on the following links:

• https://www.media4math.com/library/algebra-nspirations-quadratic-functions-segment-3

• https://www.media4math.com/library/algebra-nspirations-quadratic-functions-segment-4

Grade Range 6 - 12
Curriculum Nodes Algebra
    • Quadratic Functions and Equations
        • Applications of Quadratic Functions
        • Graphs of Quadratic Functions
        • Quadratic Equations and Functions
Copyright Year 2011
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