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Video Transcript: Algebra Applications: Functions and Relations

This is the transcript for the video of same title. Video contents: In this episode of Algebra Applications, students explore the following scenario: Scientists use conic sections to map the trajectories of spacecraft in flight. The setting for this episode is a planned future flight to Mars. As the ship travels from Earth to Mars, parabolic, circular, and elliptical paths are explored. In the process students will learn the difference between a quadratic relation and a quadratic function.

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Grade Range 6 - 12
Curriculum Nodes Algebra
    • Functions and Relations
        • Applications of Functions and Relations
        • Relations and Functions
Copyright Year 2011
Keywords functions, relations, conic sections, circle, circles, parabola, parabolas, Ellipse, ellipses, quadratic relation, space travel, algebra resources for teachers, algebra resources for teachers and students, video transcript